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Simla 'below Cart Road': Biographies of houses in the margins of an Imperial urban age

Read post by PI Ayona Datta which traces the planning applications for houses built by working classes since the late 19th century. In the imagination of a smart urban future, these house biographies remind us that Shimla’s current tourist spectacle above is made possible because of the continued house building by the poor and working classes below, down in the slopes, and in the margins since the dawn of the Empire.

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Shimla: The slow contoured life of an imagined Smart City

Project PI Ayona Datta introduces Shimla, one of our case study cities through the paradoxes of speed, time and slowness in the future smart city. While Shimla dreams of a smart urban future, the everyday life of Krishnanagar, its informal settlement along the shifting slidinghillslopes reminds us that this dream needs to adjust to the hopes and aspirations of its urban poor and the slow contoured life of the hills.

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