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Recording the Past and Writing the Future in Jalandhar

In this blog post, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Srilata, shares about her archival adventures in Jalandhar. She talks about how we must embrace the rich lived experiences and politics of place as well as trace continuities between the past, present and future in order to justly write about the city with integrity rather than, in her words, “through a vacuous notion of ‘smartness’ “.

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Searching for the 'Smart City' in Jalandhar

In this piece, Research Assistant, Varun Patil, delves into the beauty of the 63-Acre Burlton Park and introduces the proposed plans for the erection of a Smart Sports Hub. This post celebrates the compendious array of the activities and time spent at Burlton Park by the locals of Jalandhar and touches on the sentiments of supporters and critics on building the said Sports Hub.

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Shimla: The slow contoured life of an imagined Smart City

Project PI Ayona Datta introduces Shimla, one of our case study cities through the paradoxes of speed, time and slowness in the future smart city. While Shimla dreams of a smart urban future, the everyday life of Krishnanagar, its informal settlement along the shifting slidinghillslopes reminds us that this dream needs to adjust to the hopes and aspirations of its urban poor and the slow contoured life of the hills.

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